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January 2021
Locked Rooms
Pierre Molinier
Frédéric Fontenoy
The Retoucher
#01 - January 2021

Perspectives on Erotic Photography

What better way to launch a new audiovisual magazine than with an issue on eroticism? A hot topic if ever there was one, compelling and divisive in equal measure, eroticism is both multifaceted and controversial. But more of that later.

For this first cinematic journey into the realm of Eros, there are two films to explore: The Legs of the Saint-Pierre Quarter by Dominique Roland, an insight into the world of Pierre Molinier, the scandalous avant-garde artist who shocked and fascinated his contemporaries, and Inside by Thomas Goupille, an introduction to the eroticism of Frédéric Fontenoy, his use of the view camera and his singular relationship with his models.

Lastly, as aesthetics is an essential part of erotic photography, we have a third film for you: The Retoucher, a unique document of the remarkable and meticulous work of one of the last surviving traditional retouchers: Marie-Pierre Bride.

We chose to name this first issue after Emmanuel Bacquet's article on erotic photography, which you will find below. An allusion, of course, to the locked rooms of eroticism, photographic darkrooms and the often closed world of photography. A nod of this first issue of an original magazine offering a window on an all-too-often closed world.

January 2021 films  

You don't have the time?

Shootings | Frédéric Fontenoy
France - 2021 volume icon fr subtitle icon English
Quickies • Eroticism • Photographers and models
movie duration5’
movie background

Too busy to watch our film on Frédéric Fontenoy? Then take five minutes to sit in on an incredible erotic photo shoot and discover the surprising relationship between the photographer and his models. We guarantee you will be back to watch the full-length version!

Articles of the month

Circuit of the month

Eroticism brings into play a constant dissolution of established shapes.
- Georges Bataille
Here’s to all the men and women who, in their laboratories, unassumingly dedicate themselves to Photographers and to promoting Photography...
- Diamantino Quintas, Hand-printer

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Further exploration

Sinar P2 view camera • 4x5 inch (10x12cm) Polaroid film • Durst HL 2200 enlarger • Mahogany bellows view camera • Copal lens • Scissors • Sellotape • Brush • Neutral gray retouch dye • Dyes

INSIDE - artist: Frédéric Fontenoy ; authors: Véronique Bergen, Laurent de Sutter and Ludovic de Vita ; 2016 ; Alkama ; Escourbiac ;  English, French, Chinese 

PHOTOGRAPHIES 2006-2011 - artist: Frédéric Fontenoy ; authors: Jacques Henric and Lionel Dax ; 2011 ; Alkama ; English and French

• PIERRE MOLINIER PHOTOGRAPHE, UNE RETROSPECTIVE - author: Jean-Luc Mercier ; 2000 ; Mennour (exhibition catalogue) ; English and French