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July-August 2021
Summer encounters
Lucien Clergue
Sara Imloul
Mama Casset
Roland Dufau
Jodi Bieber
#07 - July-August 2021

What brings us together

A story of encounters meets the history of Les Rencontres in the shape of Lucien Clergue.
He who was one of the founders of the Arles Festival of photography is the subject of the film Unto Death, Unto Life. And it's Bernard Perinne, co-founder of Les Rencontres, no less, who re-tells the epic for DK2R.

Roland Dufau, meanwhile, would print Clergue's pictures. But in Thomas Goupille's film, he returns to his specialty: Cibachrome.

In contrast to the sharpness of this process, Sara Imloul explores the vagueness of the paper negative and creates a timeless image of her models in Das Schloss.

An issue devoted to encounters could hardly avoid including photography in the "Land of Teranga", that quality of warmth and hospitality that defines Senegal. With Mama Casset, African Photo is a done deal. The portraitist sits at the center of the artistic, social and historical issues that he embodies.

Jodi Bieber does her portraits away from the studio, in today's South Africa.
She meets the locals at home, and very gently presents us with another image of Soweto in the final part of Chromatic Society.

Photography is a subject worthy of study. But beyond what we study is what touches us, what moves us : with Clergue, the grain of the sand and the skin will take us back to the heat of summer; with Mama Casset a look will disarm us; with Sara Imloul an image will make us lose our bearings; and with Jodi Bieber the townships will seem familiar; it's undeniable: photography brings us together!

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Circuit of the month

To me, the printer is my key co-worker, my soul brother; but for him, the photos wouldn't exist!
- Bernard Plossu
Much of the violence that appears here relates to the violence of history on a global scale. Everything is intertwined and we cannot separate anything. It is also linked to the violence inherent in photography.
- Mikhael Subotzky

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